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The City of Venice

At this point (2020), Venice, Florida, has a population of approximately a little over 24,000 full-time residents. However, this number is always fluctuating. "Snowbirds" are coming and leaving, and tourists are arriving and departing as well. With all the new communities recently added and still in the making, that number will soon increase dramatically. Once completed, the new Wellen Park community is going to dwarf the city of Venice. 

Venice Italy vs. Venice Florida

Now, let us compare the two cities called "Venice. "Italy's Venice is sitting on 117 little islands, and those Islands are located in a shallow lagoon between the mouths of the Po and Piave rivers. On the contrary, the Floridian "Island of Venice" was created by digging out an artificial waterway. This "Intracoastal Waterway" is now separating the "island" from the mainland. There is no lagoon, no rivers, no 400 bridges, and nothing fancy - at least a few canals and an island - instead of 117. 

Instead of the Adriatic Sea, there is the Gulf of Mexico on Florida's Venice's western border. The Italian city has an extensive network of waterways, including the "Canale Grande" while Florida has only a few little canals. Nothing "grande," though, but better than nothing and still unique for a city in Florida. 

While the Italian one is slowly sinking into the mud, Venice in Florida seems to be on solid ground. If the sea level doesn't rise too fast, Venice in Florida will be around for a little while longer. However, if the water level increases, both cities will sooner or later have new residents. Fish, crabs, and whatever thrives in the water will take over at a certain point. But hopefully, we are a little further away from that scenario. 

Three new drawbridges provide access to the Venice, FL, Isle area. They are connecting the island's main traffic arteries with US 41, which is the main thoroughfare on the mainland. Usually, the island is accessible without any problems, yet, when the bridges need to open during rush hour (because a sailboat wants to drive through), the traffic can quickly become messy.

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Venice Downtown

The area around Venice Avenue/Tampa Avenue, with the big parking lot in the center, is Venice Downtown. There are smaller and bigger shops, boutiques, restaurants, and street cafes. They are all individually owned; you won't find any chain stores on the Island. If you are craving for a Big Mac, there is no McDonalds on the Island. What a miserable life you may think, but why don't you try a homemade burger in a family restaurant? Be lion-hearted and try it out. 

The big parking area in Venice's center is "the" place for small and big events. It is the spot where the Farmer's Market attracts many people every Saturday morning, and it is the place where many other events occur. Once in a while, the city officials block the whole Main Street to set up booths for exhibitions or perform parades. Significant activities for a small town, and people like it that way. Everybody brings a chair and a drink. You can talk and have a wonderful time together.