Oyster Creek Golf and Country Club| Englewood FL
Oyster Creek Golf and Country Club| Englewood FL
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What You see is what you get: We don't Charge any "Hidden Fees."

  • No Admin Fee! We think that processing the paperwork is part of our job. Subsequently, it is part of the commission.
  • No Franchise Fee! Bay Breeze International Realty is our company. We don't pay somebody else to permit us to run the business under their name.  Because we don't pay any franchise fees - you don't pay any extra fees.
  • Whatever Fee! Some companies are very creative when it comes to inventing extra fees. We use our creativity to sell the property instead. 

Pricing your home Right - two worlds are clashing

When selling, the seller is always stuck between a rock and a hard place. You want to get the highest amount possible you can make with the sale. Of course, you spent a lot of money to keep the home in such a picture-perfect condition. You lived there for a long time, and you have a lot of pleasant memories. You had a good time with your family, kids, and grandkids. The home was always kind to you. It was a cozy place. The carpet in the living room had cost a fortune when you replaced it. And the wallpaper you installed in the bathrooms many years ago perfectly matches the tiles. The Corean® countertop in the kitchen was the right choice at that time. It is easy to clean and was state-of-the-art when you had it installed.

Now the buyer steps in and wants the most delightful home for the least amount of money. Of course, everybody wants that. He has no memories at all attached to the property. Property? Yes, for him, it is a property right now. Eventually, it will become his home, but he sees the house in a different light right now. Wallpaper? No way, the wallpaper needs to go. $4,000.00, at least, to scrape them off the walls. Carpet? No way, the rug needs to go. Even if it is a newer one. Everybody wants tile or wood floors now. He wants the whole house tiled. The estimate is $15,000.00. Okay, the kitchen needs a re-do. His wife wants Granite because the Corean® looks tired and "yesterday." Memories? The buyer has no memories, and how much are the seller's memories worth? Nothing. Not a dime. 

Homes we sold in Oyster Creek

  • 7184 S Lake Drive
  • 7149 S Lake Drive
  • 8288 Lakeside Drive
  • 7190 S Lake Drive
  • 8367 Palmetto Court
  • 8236 Lakeside Drive
  • 8328 Pondview Lane
  • 8591 Lakeside Drive

Correctly pricing Your Home is the Key

There are several benefits when correctly pricing your home. They include:

1) FASTER SALE: You save carrying costs when your home sells faster. You avoid mortgage payments, tax payments, insurance, maintenance, and HOA fees.

2) Fewer INCONVENIENCES: Keeping the home clean, preparing it for showings, taking care of your pets, leaving home – sometimes on short notice - will alter your lifestyle when the home is on the market.

3) PROPER PRICE: A fair price (market value) will attract more prospects. Sellers who list too high mainly focus on that ONE buyer who may pay that price. Sellers often do not realize that they discourage many potential buyers who could also have afforded the home. Can you rely on Zillows Zestimate®? Yes and No. Ask yourself: Did Zillow come into your house to check for updates? Did they check the updates of the comparable homes? They did not. All they can do is take the sales prices, sizes, and other public data. By combining and comparing them, they come up with a price range. The home with the "golden faucets" gets punished, and the one with the "leaky toilet" gets rewarded. Suddenly, you have a $400,000 price tag on a home with a 35-year-old roof. If you walked in the buyer's shoes, would you be thrilled about that? 

4) NO SHOWINGS: If you notice after two weeks on the market that you have no showings, you need to rethink your strategy. After it sits on the market for 100+ days, it is more or less "dead in the water." Do people notice it? Of course, they do. The MLS, Zillow, and other portals show all the data. The number one question of a potential buyer is always: Why did it sit on the market for so many days? Everybody is afraid that there is something wrong with the property because other buyers must have seen it within that time frame and didn't like what they found out.

5) No Offer – Lower the Sales Price: Sellers often accept a much lower offer at a much later date since that one buyer willing to pay the higher price never materialized. Usually, fatigue kicks in at some point. The bills are still coming in, and another thousand dollars fly out of the window month after month. Worst case: the A/C goes bust, the water heater explodes, and the pool pump stops working. Unfortunately, the seller has to fix all that. Do you think that doesn't happen? 

Something has changed. Why don't those “old marketing tricks” work anymore?

The answer is pretty simple. The internet provides almost unlimited information, and everybody is using that tool now. Prospect buyers can check everything from pricing to neighborhood crime statistics. With their smartphone in their pocket, they instantly access those data 24/7. Most buyers usually do not waste their time on properties they consider overpriced anymore. 

Some sellers still think they can hide crucial information, but that is not true. They can't! Real estate has become an open book. Now the buyer can quickly get accurate sales and tax information; he can find out about the area, planned zoning changes, and criminal records.

Stress Free Selling
Rely on Us
Pack as You Go
Take a Break
Think Ahead
Make Your Bed
Stress Free Selling

Many of us love the idea of a new home, but certainly not the selling and moving process. It can be challenging to prepare your house for sale and keep it in "showing" condition while scouting for a new home. Whether you are moving across town or the world., here are a few tips that can help streamline the process even when there are bumps in the road. 

Rely on Us

We can give you expert advice on how to best price your home. We can offer tips on home staging and show you how our marketing plan is proven to attract many interested buyers. Most significantly, we will handle your real estate sale from start to finish with the professionalism and service you should expect. We can help you coordinate your move and enjoy yourself throughout the entire sales process. Finally, you can rest easy with the peace of mind that experienced professionals take care of each detail. 

Pack as You Go

Having lots of time is key to a good moving experience. Collect all your necessary supplies and pack up things you know you will not be using until after the move, such as off-season closing. Rent a storage unit, POD, or even a dumpster to de-clutter your home. This way, you move each item or box only once before the big day comes. 

Take a Break

Moving can easily absorb a great deal of your time. Be sure to pencil in some time for yourself to relax and enjoy usual recreation activities. Sometimes, a night or weekend away from home can boost your energy and enthusiasm if you begin to feel drained or overwhelmed with things to do. 

Think Ahead

If you think about downsizing, consider what items, furniture, and appliances may not fit into the new space, and deal with them accordingly. Before leaving your current home, get the utilities transferred over as soon as the information you need becomes available. 

Make Your Bed

On the move-in day, try to arrive at your new location early to adjust the inside temperature, place necessary items in the bathroom, and fill the fridge with snacks and cold drinks. Once you start unpacking, make the bed the first thing you set up. This will give you a safe and worry-free retreat while sorting things out and a place to relax comfortably, 

Three Ways to figure out What Price Tag to attach

Finding the right sales price for the home looks more straightforward than it is. Depending on how much time the seller has on his hands, he has more or less three options.

  1. Test the market with a high price and try to find somebody willing to spend that money. Well, it may be an option for sellers who like gambling. If the house is unique and in picture-perfect condition it might work. But a buyer has to come out of the woods fast. The game is usually over once the property is on the market for 100 or even 300 days. 
  2. "I need that money." Well that is a common phrase you hear from sellers. Who doesn't need that money, but don't expect the buyer to feel sorry for  you. Do you buy a car because the salesman "needs" that money or do you buy because the price is right?
  3. CMA. Taking the guesswork out of the process - CMA is the magic word. CMA is real estate shorthand for “Comparative Market Analysis”. A CMA is a report prepared by a real estate agent providing data comparing your property to similar properties in the marketplace. Now you take the guessing out of the equation. It is, of course, neither a scientific approach nor an appraisal, but using neighborhood sales data and comparing them with the seller's property comes as close as it can get to "real" pricing. 

The CMA approach is the best approach if a seller wants to sell his property in the shortest time possible. However, key is to compare the right properties, otherwise, the CMA is pretty useless.

Do You need help selling Your Home? Call us 941 - 244 - 8341 or email us.

Three Things that Affect a Sale

Only three things are affecting the sale. You can change only two of them, but if you don't, you are missing out on a significant opportunity. The three things are Location, Condition, and Price.

You can not change the location. So, that is the one condition that is not in your control anymore. It is what it is, and you have to live with it. Only when you are in the process of buying or building you can avoid buying a home in a not so favorite location. That ship has sailed. 

However, you can control the condition. That means how you maintain your home inside and out. "Pride of Ownership" is the keyword. Proper maintenance and upkeep give a potential buyer a comfortable feeling. He believes that if everything looks right, the home is probably in excellent condition, and usually that is the case. On the contrary, if the garage door is rusting and the paint on the lanai looks shabby, a potential buyer assumes that there are many more things wrong, and usually he is right. 

Pricing the home right from the beginning will also get maximum attention. You may think that testing the market at a higher price first is a good idea, but this tactic usually results in you losing buyers. Very few homebuyers like to gamble. Most buyers are looking for a streamlined buying process. They want the feeling that the price is right, they may like to bitch about some issues to get a little incentive, and then they want to buy the home. 

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