Oyster Creek Golf and Country Club| Englewood FL
Oyster Creek Golf and Country Club| Englewood FL
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Ladies First:

In the year 2000. Karin, originally from Konstanz, Germany, moved together with her husband Jan to Englewood/Florida. In the early 1990s, she and her husband, Jan, traveled frequently to Florida and were captivated by its stunning beauty. Both worked for 15 years as a pharmaceutical sales representatives in Germany, representing companies such as Glaxo Smith Kline and Solvay Pharmaceuticals before they took the big step. Later, those 15 years proved extremely invaluable for their career in real estate.

After her arrival in Florida, Karin worked for a prestigious Immigration Law Firm in Sarasota. She gained valuable experience throughout her tenure but strongly desired to work for herself again. In 2003, Karin acquired her real estate license. In addition, she obtained her mortgage broker license and started her own mortgage broker business. 

This expertise provides her with a unique advantage and significantly enhances her understanding of the financial aspect of the home-buying process. With this knowledge, she can offer her clients superior guidance and support, ensuring they have the best possible home-purchasing experience.

Her experience has helped numerous international and relocation clients achieve their dream of owning a vacation home in Florida. Karin's proficiency is skillfully guiding her customers through the home-buying process to a successful closing. Whether you are selling or buying a home, she will guide you all the way to closing with experience, support, and compassion. 

Karin, a licensed Realtor/Broker for over 20 years, co-founded Bay Breeze International Realty with her husband Jan in 2013. She is committed to providing exceptional service, maintaining high standards of integrity, and ensuring positive customer experiences. She is also a member of the Sarasota Global Business Council.

Karin enjoys kayaking, biking, gardening, and practicing beach- yoga in her free time.

About Jan:

Jan was born and raised in Büsum, a small harbor town by the North Sea, close to Denmark. After graduating from High School, Jan joined the German Military for two years. He left in the ranks of a Second Lieutenant. After his military experience, he enrolled in classes at the Teacher Training College/University Kiel to become a Junior High School Teacher (Grades 5 - 10). 

After the first and second state exam, Jan decided to go a different route. Due to his educational background (English as a second language and Biology), Glaxo Smith Kline hired Jan. He worked many years for Glaxo as a pharmaceutical/clinic sales representative. 

After relocating to Florida, Jan managed a resort on Siesta Key for several years until a Swiss Hurricane Shutter Company hired him. As operations manager, his task was supervising the production and installation of various shutters. Eventually, he started his own Hurricane Shutter business. 

Several years later, Jan followed Karin into the Real Estate Market. During the first two years, they worked under the umbrella of different real estate companies to get their feet wet. However, after they had fulfilled the State requirements, they started Bay Breeze International Realty in 2013. 

He enjoys his two cats, Kayaking, biking, and walking along the beach. Jan is also an FAA-licensed drone pilot (sUAS) and loves to take pictures and videos of the listed homes and the area. 
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