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The City ofPunta Gorda

Punta Gorda, the name means "fat point" in Spanish, dates back to 1521. That was when the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon set his foot on land somewhere in that area. Nobody knows where precisely that was, but it doesn't matter anyway. Why did it get the funny name, "fat point?" Well, it appeared to him as if that little landmass stuck out like a "fat finger" into Charlotte Harbor.

This body of water is the second-largest bay in Florida, a natural estuary spanning the west coast of Florida from Venice to Bonita Springs on the Gulf of Mexico. It is one of the most productive wetlands in Florida. But Ponce didn't know anything about that when he was there.

Let's get back to the "Spanish tourist." What were his intentions, and why did he come to Florida? Well, Ponce de Leon was searching for the mythical "fountain of youth." However, we know better now that he couldn't find it because there is no such thing. Maybe he should have looked a little closer at North Port. They have at least the "Warm Mineral Springs," which can ease your old joints' pain at least a little. But we are not convinced that the hot water can turn back the clock of life. Maybe or maybe not.

Punta Gorda
Neighborhoods and Real Estate in Punta Gorda
Fishermen's Village

Fishermen's Village - Waterfront Restaurants, Boutiques, Resort & Marina

This unique waterfront destination includes gift-, clothing-, and specialty- shops. Several restaurants with a wide variety of food items on their menus are inviting the visitors for lunch or dinner. A little military heritage museum gives a little insight into the time when the warplanes were roaring through the skies, while the ice cream parlor next door drops 5,000 calorie ice cream bomb on you. 

The marina offers 98 boat slips and a gas station. Fully furnished luxury apartments on the second floor are waiting for new arrivals who are seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of their hometown. 

Everything is in the shade, and wide openings provide for a gentle sea breeze on a sizzling summer day. On certain days you can listen to live music while enjoying your ice-cold beer or whatever you prefer to drink. 

Charter boats are departing from the harbor. Visitors are invited to go out on a short sunset tour. They can also go out on a variety of day trips. The skippers will take them on cruises up the river, or to those little keys located in Charlotte Harbor. When can you do on those tiny islands? Well, on one small island, called Cabbage Key, sits a unique little restaurant. You would not even imagine that there is a restaurant in the middle of a green sea, but the skippers can get you there.  Try it out. And if you are nice to the captain, he may even pick you up again after dinner. But always remember: Don't pay the ferryman until he gets you to the other side!

Punta Gorda Racing Boat