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The City of North Port has a population of about 63,000 and is steadily growing. Founded in 1959, the City of North Port is the youngster of all the cities around. The beginning was a little bumpy and slow; however, now it is a thriving community. The attractive location, useful government incentives for new businesses, and home-buyers make North Port very appealing to younger folks.

The Fountain of Youth

Warm Mineral Springs: Listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of Interior

Because of its high mineral content, the water seems to work wonders. Research shows that magnesium helps nerves function, sulfate helps fight infection, and potassium helps electrolyte balance. All of these elements, and many more, are naturally found in the waters at Warm Mineral Springs.

No study has proven its healing properties but visitors, residents and employees believe that it is true. Ask the repeat visitors, and they’ll tell you stories of how wading in the water relieved them from inflammation, arthritis and sciatica pain.

Several ailing Eastern Europeans and Northerners have uprooted their lives to relocate close to the Warm Mineral Springs. During the busy seasons in October and November, and March through May, busloads of people pour out from Chicago, Baltimore and Michigan to see if the stories about the springs are true. Some will be disappointed but many will tell you that they experienced a relieve. 

Tales about the "Fountain of Youth" had been around across the world for thousands of years. For centuries, many explorers from all over the world searched for that magical water source. The fountain's water was supposedly capable of reversing the aging process and curing illness. 

However, none of them could ever find that fountain. But wait a minute, maybe you just discovered the key to eternal youth. The Warm Mineral Springs in North Port, Florida, maybe come closest to that famous fountain. With 1.4 acres in circumference and 250 feet depth, this is the world's biggest mineral spring. It is also the southernmost major spring in Florida. With a constant temperature around 87° F, that "waterhole "is also the warmest spring. It has the highest mineral content of any spring in the United States. 

Unique is also the 81-acre resort and day spa area surrounding the fountain. Every day 9 million gallons of water gets discharged into the spring. That means that the big pool is refilled every 2 hours. So, the question is, do you really get younger while floating around in that warm pond? At least it feels good. The mineral spring's hot water is indeed known for providing a little comfort; some people even report relief of their symptoms. 

Anyhow, when people soak in the warm water, the heat vasodilates their blood vessels. This dilatation enhances blood circulation through the body. Furthermore, when you stress your body, specific cells of your body will produce acid. Minerals are alkaline. When absorbed through the skin, they get into the bloodstream and neutralize the acid. Thus, you may feel younger after your bath, but don't look in the mirror. That thing may still lie to you.